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Workshop book for the Pionyr type 555
(1959 - 1961)



Copy of "we betreuen a JAWA 50 ccm",
Czechoslovakian engine revue, number 3 class 6, 1960

We begin our series of articles about the maintenance of the motor vehicles with the small motorcycle Jawa 50 cc, a product of the work Povazska strojirny in Povazska Bystrica.

That we started the selection with this type, is no coincidence, because this moped represents a link between a bicycle and a real motorcycle in certain sense, and its owners generally do not have much experiences as motorman.

This little motorcycle exhibits all advantages of a scooter, like cheap purchase price and small operating cost, maintains thereby however all typical characteristics of the motorcycle, which were given to it by the technical designers. Its capacity is tiny, its achievement however great and the three gears achieves its utilization under all conditions, without consideration for the quality of the road.

Because of these advantages the little motorcycle Jawa 50 cc found the way into the whole world, where it serves absolutely reliably both for professional and recreational.