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The article published today was prepared by the technical designers and engineer of the production work, in which besides the little Jawa motorcycles, the scooters Manet as well produced.

Also for this reason the service tools were made together for the Jawa 50 cc type 555 and the scooter Manet type S 100. In our article these tools are named:  Index N, instead of the older service tools, which are used for the small motorcycle Jawa 50 type 550, on the other hand are named: Index P.

The special tool is particularly intended for the customer service workshops, in which it facilitates the completion of the necessary work and increases its quality. One can accomplish however the largest part of the work also with the machine  supplied tools or with the general available tools in each country.

The different extractors can be replaced outside of the workshop by an universal extractor and a separation tool, which are intended for the separation of the two halves of the crankshaft housing and whose drawing we will give, so that everybody will be able to produce it. Or to be produced by a club of motorists. These tools are intended only for complete revisions and therefore are seldom used.

The technicians of the different works wrote this article according our wish in the way that it begins with those repairs, which can be accomplished without disassembly of the vehicle.

All remaining disassemblies follow them: the assemblies are then made in reverse order. The numerous illustrations with which we illustrate the articles, will be helpful.

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