Documentation for the Pionyr type 555
(1958 - 1961)

It is difficult to find documentation about the Jawa Pionier. In the eighties we found:

  • the manual
  • the partslist

The manual is in yet available in online readable form, in German language however; we are working on a English translation.
To take a look at the Google translation of the manual: just click here .

The manual as well as the partslist can be downloaded as A4 document in .pdf format.
Click here for the German manual (.pfd file, 1,3 Mb, 38 pages).
Click here for the partslist, written in English and German, (.pfd file, 1,6 Mb, 68 pages)

We also put the documentation in .pdf format in the way it is easy to make an A5 booklet out of a doublesided A4 print. 
First print the instruction for the print and binding before you download the .pdf files for making the A5 booklets.

Click here for the instructions for printing and binding an A5 booklet.


Click here for the manual as A5 booklet (.pfd file, 3.8 Mb, 17 pages)

Partslist: The partslist consists of 2 pieces: a booklet with extended view drawings and a booklet with the accompanying partnumbers.
Click here for the partslist with the extended view drawings as an A5 booklet (.pfd file, 0,4 Mb, 13 pages).
Click here for the partslist with partnumbers as an A5 booklet (.pdf file, 2,5 Mb, 27 pages).