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das Werkstattbuch: Inhaltsverzeignnis


The manual


This manual is a copy of the article: Wir befreuen eine JAWA 50 ccm, From: Tschechoslowakische Motor-Revue, Heft 3 Jahrgang 6, 1960

We are working on the translation of the manual in English. For now, the Introduction is ready, and we also translated the German index, leading you direct to the concerning German page. The text is illustrated with foto's and several exploded views.

To take a look at the Google translation of the manual: just click here

The Partslist  can be downloaded in .pfd format.

If you have specific questions, mail me.

1 Introduction
1 Einleitung
Specifications model 555
Cleaning and maintenance of the carburetor (partslist carbureteur)

2 Engine
2 Motor
Disassembly of the cylinder and head
Classifying of the cylinder and piston
Assembly of the cylinder and head
Disassembly of the kickstarter and gearhandles
Disassembly of the magneto ignition
Disassembly of the secondair sprocket
Disassembly of the clutch and transmission
Changing the Gufero sealing rings
Disassembly of the motor from the frame
Disassembly of the transmission and crank
(Partslist Motorblock)
Assembly of the engine

3. Frame
3 Fahrgestell
Disassembly of the front wheel
Disassembly of the rear wheel
Disassembly of the brakes
Disassembly of the wheel bearing
Disassembly of the wheel chain
Disassembly of the fork
Disassembly of the frame and accessories

4 Electrics

5 Break downs and how to fix it
5 Störungen und ihre Beseitigung
No power at all
No revs
Clutch slips
Noise in the engine
Engine knocks
Impossible to start the engine, or the engine breaks down and cannot be started
Engine works irregular, breaks down occasualy
No power after turnung off the lights
Der Motor aus nach Umschalten Licht
The lamps burn out frequently
With running engine and lights on the lights do not work
Even at full revs the lights burn weakly